Tobias Weis (Dipl. Inf.)

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RFID based access system

A RFID based access system for several rooms. Because of the great distance between the doors and the server the system was implemented on top of a RS-485 bus. CAT-6 cables were used for the necessary control- and powerlines. The readers are connected to an inhouse server which checks the codes of the RFID-chips and opens the associated door if valid.

RFID basiertes Zugangssystem

The server consists of a Beagleboard, which consumes very little power, it is connected to the RS-485 bus via an adapter. The protocol of the readers, as well as the control of the door openers and the database interface have been implemented in C++.

Software Diagram

It is possible to assign individual RFID chips to users, create, alter and delete access times and authorization with a webinterface. To register a new RFID chip it is sufficient to hold it in front of a reader. It will then be shown in the backend, ready to be assigned to a user. The webinterface and configuration sites have been implemented using PHP. The system also allows temporary accesses.

Besides configuration possibilities, it is possible to view and save accesses in realtime.

Camera surveillance and multiple sensors can be connected to the system as extensions.