Tobias Weis (Dipl. Inf.)

Fon: +49 176 - 800 950 26
Im Mellsig 12
60433 Frankfurt
Embedded Lösungen
Beispiel: USB Controller

One of our specialities is the development of embedded systems. These systems offer a very small footprint and low power consumption. For highly specialized tasks we develop custom microelectronic and have them professionally made. Those circuits are highly efficient and costsaving.
Example Picture: Multi-purpose USB-controller for display- and relais-control, inhouse-development


In case of the need for graphical applications and interfaces, devices for displaying information or intended use with higher bandwith, besides all major embedded platforms we really like the beagleboard.
It offers all components to be used as a full-fledged computer, integrated server, intelligent bridge between network and display devices or robot control.

A customized operating system based on linux was created that fullfills every expection put in integrated system without beeing much slower than an average desktop computer.

Of course we can score in the area of mobile applications, too. We have implemented some projects based on the combined GPS/GSM Chip from Telit. Wether you need exact localisation, a connection to your control center via text messages or internet, with this chip and our software we can develop just the right product for you.