Tobias Weis (Dipl. Inf.)

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Remote controlled drivable camera base

In potentially dangerous areas (Wildlife photography) you often use ultra tele lensen. This gives you great images, if there is nothing that obstructs your line of sight.Will and Matthew Burrard-Lucas tried to overcome this with a custom built “beetle cam”. It is hard to get a good composition though, and one notices cut off areas. We want to counter this problem with a pan- and tilt head, and an additional radio camera for live-view.

We currently analyze several possibilities of implementation of a remote controlled drivable base for DSLR-cameras. We develop a prototype with electronic pan- and tilt base for a DSLR-cam and two flashes, and a radio camera to stream the liveview during the operation to accomplish a perfect composition.

Remote controlled drivable base for DSLR