Tobias Weis (Dipl. Inf.)

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Im Mellsig 12
60433 Frankfurt
14.07.2013 - Evaluation-Tool for Conferences
Website with rating and comment-function, backend with question-catalog and answer-evaluation
20.11.2012 - Android App: RSS Image Viewer
Android Application to specify, download and display images/pictures from an RSS feed in fullscreen.
29.09.2012 - Online Reservation Plan
An Online Reservation Plan to reserve different rooms and to get a general overview over allocations of the rooms of a Music School with a multiplicity of teachers.
30.04.2012 - Android App to manage fleet and personal
Application to manage fleet and personal with a multitude of additional features.
21.02.2012 - Improof Football - SEO
Search Engine Optimization
05.02.2012 - eNerds - Website
Content Management Platform for a electronics-group
29.01.2012 - Electrosmoke - Onlineshop
Development of a website with onlineshop.
14.12.2011 - WebOS - Track my Project Time
Application to keep track of spent times for several projects.
07.11.2011 - Callahaan
Website of an Alternative-Rock band
10.10.2011 - Restaurant Maximilian
Search engine optimization of the website of Restaurant Maximilian in Frankfurt, Ginnheim.
27.08.2011 - Remote controlled drivable base for DSLR cameras
Remote controlled drivable base for DSLR cameras
18.08.2011 - GPS/GSM Modul for beagleboard
A short introduction to our current developments.
29.07.2011 - New website online
We are proud to welcome you on our new website!