Computer Science | Machine Learning | Systems Engineering

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are the most important topics in todays digital transformation. We help you leverage its full potential.

With an academic background and robust systems engineering methodologies, we leverage cutting edge research and the right tools to help you shape the future.

Innovation-driven value generation is enabled by commercializing academic knowledge trough proven processes and seamlessly integrated into existing solutions.

By consulting, training and implementing, we help you to tackle the great challenges of our times building on the latest advancements in Machine Learning, AI and Robotics.

The optimal application of Machine Learning requires know-how and adequate tools

Machine Learning may sound complex, but does not have to be. We start with the existing and develop ways to generate the most value from your data. We combine our expertise in Machine Learning with your domain knowledge, analyze approaches for AI-projects, formulate a business-case and integrate your data into these scenarios.

Of course we will accompany you through the whole process from identifying and leveraging data-sources, to setting up the necessary IT-infrastructure, up until the pilot project and the final production rollout.

Deployment scenarios

Below are just some examples of our areas of expertise and the successful implementations of Machine Learning, AI and robotics in practical scenarios.

In general, we can help you save costs, generate value and make better decisions by

  • automating repetitive, dangerous or arduous tasks, 
  • optimizing processes and controlling, even with multidimensional variables, 
  • gather, visualize and automatically analyze data to aid/guide in decision processes,
  • automate monitoring and surveillance using artificial, cognitive (computer vision) systems

Machine perception/Computer Vision

The automatic analysis of data from Camera-, ToF/3D-, Laser- or X-ray-sensors can help in

  • defect- and anomaly-detection of parts and products,
  • precise non-contact measurements,
  • object-detection in video,
  • surveillance and intrusion detection,
  • landmark-detection and localization for autonomous driving and robotics

We combine latest advances in computer-vision- and machine-learning-research with provem systems-engineering principles to deliver the best results possible.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Depending on the domain and operational requirements, specific sensor-suites can be mounted to a drone, and the trade-off of speed, airtime and payload can be optimized. 

The combination of Cognitive Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Robotics enables a lot of usecases:

  • Inspections in remote or dangerous places, also in the context of predictive maintenance can be performed with ease
  • Surveillance and search- and rescue-missions of large areas
  • Agriculture: sensors and algorithms to classify fertility of soil, state of crops
  • Delivery: exact localization and navigation, obstacle avoidance 

Geographical data

We can learn a lot from geographical data and leverage insights to make more economical choices, either automatically or aided by visualization tools:

  • Analysis and optimization of transport routes and logistic infrastructure
  • Identification of areas suited for specific agricultural products using satellite data fused with on-site UAV data
  • Optimization of traffic flow in cities
  • Optimal placement of cellphone-towers
  • Demographic data for city planning, government regulations, tourism or advertisements

Data analysis and visualization

Visualizing complex data to be able to draw the right conclusions is a science we can help you with.Reducing big data to just the right amount can give you the edge over an competitor and help you make the right decision at the right time.

Fast and reliable algorithms can help you detect anomalies faster and drastically reduces your reaction time. Tedious and tiring tasks can be automated:

  • Continuous monitoring of plant output, flow-rates of pipelines
  • Spotting anomalies in business transactions
  • Supply-chain management
  • Scheduling and booking tasks

Custom electronics

If a specific sensor or actuator for your use-case does not exist, we develop and manufacture it in-house according to your specifications.

From circuit-development over PCB-design to FDM (3d printed) case-production.

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